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Art Exhibiton - PURE

Friday, 03 May 2013

Date: 14.05.2013 - 19.05.2013Time: 12.00 PM - 08.00 PM ART EXHIBITION ‘PURE’...
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ART FOR GRABS Nov 2012 : Apokalips!

Monday, 03 December 2012

Date: 15.12.2012 - 16.12.2012Time: 12.00 PM - 08.00 PMArt For Grabs: ApokalisArts & Craft Bazaar, Launching, Leature, Screening and much...
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Memento Mori

Friday, 30 November 2012

Date : 30.11.2012 - 02.12.2012Time : 8.30pm & 3.00pmMemento Mori is the debut full-length solo dance performance choreographed and performed by Lu...
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A Failed Life - 不及格的生活

Monday, 19 November 2012

Date : 22.11.2012 - 25.11.2012 Time: 8.00pm & 3.00 PM “A Failed Life -...
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Pipit Wonderful Market 9

Tuesday, 06 November 2012

Date : 10 .11. 2012 ( Saturday)Time : 12.00 pm - 7.00 pmPipit Wonderful Market 9 玩得福设计日Art  BazaarNovember 10 |...
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(Sexuality Rights Festival) | View Full Listing | View Archived Events
Date: 09.11.2011 - 13.11.2011
Time: 08.00 PM - 11.00 PM
PLEASE NOTE: The blanket ban on Seksualiti Merdeka’s programme this year is unprecedented as we have been conducting similar events over the past few years. In the interest of the safety of our participants, we will NOT proceed with all public events of Seksualiti Merdeka while we seek a meeting with the Inspector General of Police YB Tan Sri Ismail Omar to explain the objectives of Seksualiti Merdeka. Please click here for full press statement from the organisers of Seksualiti Merdeka 2011. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for further enquiries. Thank you.

exuality Rights Festival
Wed 9 to Sun 13 Nov 201

Malaysians have been fearless these past few years. We have demanded for fair elections, for justice, for democracy. Let us then remember that democracy does not only belong to the majority, or the powerful, or the loudest. Democracy belongs to all. Let’s demand for equal rights and human dignity not just for ourselves, but also for those who are different, whether straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, intersex, transgender, asexual, unsure or simply fabulous. Let’s be queer without fear.

Seksualiti Merdeka, meaning Sexuality Independence, is Malaysia’s only festival celebrating the human rights of people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. It is organised by a loose coalition of NGOs, artists, activists and individuals and has been held annually since 2008. The festival programme includes forums, talks, workshops, book launches, art exhibition and performances.

This year, our theme – Queer Without Fear highlights how homophobia and transphobia have negatively affected and continues to affect the lives of untold numbers of Malaysians who are discriminated against and persecuted because of their sexual orientations and gender identities. It is our firm belief that all Malaysians have the right to live and love without fear.


Wed 9 Nov, 8pm

Wed 9 to Sun 13 Nov

Thu 10 Nov, 8pm

Fri 11, Sat 12, Sun 13 Nov 2011, 8pm

Sat 12 Nov, 2pm
POLICING SEXUALITY: Sex, Society & the State

Sat 12 Nov, 4pm

Sun 13 Nov, 12pm

Sun 13 Nov, 2pm
UNDER A RAINBOW ROOF: The Siti & Pepper Show

Sun 13 Nov, 4pm
FIERCE & FABULOUS: Shelah’s Finishing School for Drag Queens


Wed 2 Nov, 8pm
HUMAN RIGHTS for LGBTIQ: Making it real in Malaysia!

Thu 3 Nov, 8pm
NINE TO FIVE: Sexuality Rights In The Workplace

Sat 5 Nov, 8pm

Sponsors and supporters of Seksualiti Merdeka 2011:
Amnesty International Malaysia
Bar Council Malaysia Human Rights Committee
KL Word
KRYSS (Knowledge & Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces)
Justice For Sisters
MyConstitution Campaign
Precious Old China Restaurant
PT Foundation
Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok
Rev Yap Kim Hao
Quek Sue Yian
Women's Aid Organisation
Women's Candidacy Initiative
United Nations Theme Group on HIV
and many other individuals

~ ~ ~

All programmes are at The Annexe Gallery . Address: 2nd Flr, Central Market Annexe (Behind Central Market), Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur. All programmes are FREE except for Rainbow Massacre & Justice For Sisters. There are a few events not listed on the calendar. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you are interested or if you have any queries.

Wed 9 Nov, 8pm

Officiated by Dato’ Ambiga Sreenevasan
Hosted by Shelah, with performances by Arisha, Elvira Arul, Azwan Ismail, Rozz, PT Angels.
Refreshments sponsored by Precious Old China Restaurant.

As more human rights organisations recognise that working on democratic processes means working on democracy for all, as the world around start to dismantle discriminatory policies and laws one by one, as the public learn to speak up for oppressed minorities, we believe Malaysia too will come around eventually to give all of us the independence we truly deserve. The time for our rights has come. Let us stand together: Queer Without Fear.

So join our launch and meet some fabulously fearless Malaysians!

Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 launch will also feature the opening of:
Wed 9 to Sun 13 Nov, 2011

29 Ways Towards an LGBTIQ-Friendly Malaysia is a campaign listing out what to 'say', 'do', and 'think' -- or not -- with regards to individuals with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities, in hopes that all Malaysians enjoy the equality that is their right. Some of these ways come alive through visual interpretations by Malaysian and Singaporean artists, designers and young passionate souls who just want to create, challenge and champion for a friendlier Malaysia. Original pieces will be auctioned off in a Silent Auction, and part of the proceeds will go towards Seksualiti Merdeka. A selection of works will be sold as postcards. Artists include Fahmi Reza, Shahril Nizam, Donald Abraham, Foo Chiwei, Shieko, Bibi Chun, Kelvin Atmadibrata and many others. The exhibition is curated by Jun Kit and Pang Khee Teik.

~ ~ ~

Thu 10 Nov, 8pm
Performance | Presented by KL Word
The KL Word seduces writers, performers and personalities to reveal intimate details and sexual habits. When we liberate our secrets, do they lose the power to haunt us or do they become TMI for our poor unfortunate audience? We dare you to find out. Starring Elektrika Syiok as your host with wannabe-Malaysian Alfian Sa’at, transsexual comedian Tanjung, enigmatic Gyorgy Furioso, wanker Pang Khee Teik and a sexy crew of bared souls.

~ ~ ~

Fri 11, Sat 12, Sun 13 Nov 2011, 8pm
Music performance

Admission by donation: Presale: RM35 until Sun 6 Nov. Presale: RM40 after Sun 6 Nov.
At the door: RM45. Purchase your presale passes early at
Enquiries: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Box Office: 017-2BUY-TIX (017-2289-849)

FOR YEARS, WE'VE BEEN TAUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF LOVE. We spent so many nights thinking how they did us wrong. We grew strong, we learned how to carry on. So over three nights this November, Rainbow Massacre is sticking our collective fingers up all the hate -- and putting a stop to all that whiny self-hating too!

Rainbow Massacre presents three crazy and inspiring nights of queer anthems sung by fierce local singers and drag divas who know what it means to love out loud and proud! Introducing your new host Dara Othman (pictured). And featuring the musical talents of Rozz, Aaron Khaled, Elvira Arul, Poova, Shh Diam!!! Special appearance by Shelah! Musical direction by Nish Tham. Produced by Jerome Kugan.

~ ~ ~

Sat 12 Nov, 2pm
POLICING SEXUALITY: Sex, Society & the State
Talk & book launch | Presented by Julian CH Lee
Spanning every continent and 3,500 years of human history, Monash University lecturer Julian CH Lee gives us the low-down on sexuality and address why societies and states have sought to constrain the sexual behaviours and identities of their members. Drawing on his book, Policing Sexuality, which will be launched at this event, Lee will draw out some of the complexities and variations on how and why sexuality is such a preoccupation for governments everywhere. This one-off talk will be the place for the quick and dirty on the policing of sexuality.

Julian C. H. Lee is a Lecturer in International Studies at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash University. He is the author of the books Islamization and Activism in Malaysia (2010) and Policing Sexuality: Sex, Society and the State (2011), and  is also the editor of The Malaysian Way of Life (2010). At last year’s Seksualiti Merdeka he was the coordinator of the programme “Even Educated Fleas Do It”, during which he presented on the proliferation of homosexuality in nature.

~ ~ ~
Sat 12 Nov, 4pm
Mock Trial | Presented by MyConstitution Campaign, Bar Council Human Rights Committee & Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok

What happens when a lone transsexual woman wants to take on the might of the state to be who she wants to be? Will the court allow her to change her name and gender? Or will allowing it result in a collapse of society as we know it? In this mock trial, we will hear both sides of the story – from the transsexual woman and from the Deputy Minister of Population Control – as they are cross-examined by actual lawyers. The audience shall then act as jury and decides on the verdict!

Performed by Ivanka Bee as the lone transsexual woman, Firdaus Husni as her lawyer, Woon King Chai as the Deputy Minister of Population Control, Aston Paiva as his lawyer, Thean See Xien as Justice Pao. Discussion moderated by: Shanmuga K. Dramaturgy by Alfian Sa’at

~ ~ ~

Sun 13 Nov, 12pm
Homophobia is a scourge. It’s been the source of countless heartbreak, leading many of our best queers to live depressing lives of self-hatred, self-denial and self-rejection. But if we can recognise homophobia for the senseless, time-wasting, unproductive prejudice that it is, we can learn how to defend ourselves against falling victim to it. In this fun interactive workshop, participants will learn how to spot a homophobe, when to stand up for yourself, and when to stir up a full-blown action thriller drama. Wands out!

~ ~ ~

Sun 13 Nov, 2pm
UNDER A RAINBOW ROOF: The Siti & Pepper Show
Talk Show | Presented by Amnesty International Malaysia

You make your son play football, do male-bonding stuff with him, show him that his responsibility in life is to preserve the family name through his own children. You let your daughter play with dolls, nurture her nurturing spirit and teach her that her biggest dream is to serve her husband and mother his children. Yet your son and daughter could turn out to be anything but straight. How can this be? Is it your fault? No silly, of course it isn’t.

In this live talk show brought to you by Amnesty International Malaysia, Siti & Pepper, both parents themselves, chat with parents who raised rainbow children as well as children who had less than perfect childhood. We’ll also be joined by a psychologist and a children's rights expert who will share how straight nurturing is a myth and how we can protect, nurture and teach our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender children to be confident enough to face a world that may be hostile. Is it good enough to bring up good human beings, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity? We sure think so.

~ ~ ~

Sun 13 Nov, 4pm to 6pm
FIERCE & FABULOUS: Shelah’s Finishing School for Drag Queens
Drag Workshop

Our very own drag queen superstar, the fierce and fabulous Shelah, is delighted to present a workshop for all drag royalty wannabes! Learn how to apply makeup with flair, how to choose the right ensemble to impress, and how to groom your drag persona from the inside out. And you will see that drag is not just about sequins and wigs, but a whole attitude to living life fiercely and fabulously, just like Shelah! Participants are expected to come fully equipped (makeup, wig, shoes, dress, etc.) with an open mind.

~ ~ ~

These are programmes held in the 1st week, from 1 to 6 Nov. They are meant to be private for Seksualiti Merdeka members and friends, but really anybody friendly can come along! But if you are reposting the Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 programmes, please don't include this section on public sites or blogs. Thanks!

Thu 3 Nov 2011, 8pm
NINE TO FIVE: Sexuality Rights In The Workplace
Afraid of your boss finding out you are gay? Harrassed by your colleagues because you appear butch? Having difficulty finding a job because you are a transsexual? Many of us have great fears about being who we are at work. We may be employees of the month but we still think we may lose our right to work should our sexual orientation or gender identity be discovered. Is this fair? And if not, what can be done about it?

Most people would know Edwin Sumun as a multi-talented arts practitioner and more recently as his drag queen persona, Shelah. In addition, Edwin is also a training consultant for various companies including telcos, hotels and retail outlets. In this forum, he brings his experience in dealing with the corporate sector and involvement with the LGBTIQ activism community to talk about sexuality rights sensitisation and fair employment policies in the workplace. Open to everyone, the forum will also feature guests talking about experiences and problems as well as progressive employers on company policies and solutions towards making the workplace friendlier for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

One day hopefully we can all bring our partners to Family Day at work.

~ ~ ~

Wed 2 Nov 2011, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
HUMAN RIGHTS FOR LGBTIQ: Making it real in Malaysia!
Forum | Presented by KRYSS, Tenaganita, Empower & the Bar Council

PLEASE NOTE DIFFERENT VENUE: Malaysian Bar Council Auditorium (Map: )
Admission free

Our amazing speakers, all of whom well known within their field of activism, help us explore how different mechanisms and human rights instruments may be used to protect and advance the human rights of the LGBTIQ in Malaysia. Come listen, learn and be part of the solution. Through a closer analysis of a case study, we also look at how different actors in Malaysia can work collectively and individually to make a difference for the human rights of the LGBTIQ.

Moderator: Irene Fernandez, Tenaganita
Forum Panel:
1. ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) – Honey Tan, EMPOWER
2. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) – Nooreen Preusser, Training and Education Director, P.S. The Children
3. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) – Ivy Josiah, Executive Director, Women's Aid Organisation
4. Working with SUHAKAM – Julian Lee, lecturer, Monash University of Malaysia
5. Local litigation advocacy – Aston Paiva, Kanesalingam & Co
6. Case study session – Angela M. Kuga Thas, Knowledge and Rights with Young people through Safer Spaces (KRYSS)
7. Equality and Non-Discrimination: Implications for the LGBTIQ Community – Irene Fernandez, Tenaganita

~ ~ ~

Sat 5 Nov 2011, 8pm
Fundraising Concert
Admission RM15 donation

JUSTICE FOR SISTERS is a grassroots campaign begun last year by local activists to raise public awareness about issues surrounding violence and persecution against the Mak Nyah community in Malaysia. The campaign also aims to raise funds to finance court cases in which several transsexuals are making constitutional challenges against their arrests. We need your continuing help so our trans-sisters can win the good fight. It’s time to stand up for Nyah rights!

Come watch our third Justice For Sisters gig featuring some of our best local performers showing their support for the cause. And this time we go acoustic with big-hearted folks like Jerome Kugan, Wolf, Jasmine Low, Elvira Arul and many more. Also, some of our trans sisters are going to knock your eyes out with their best moves.

Admission to the concert is RM15 donation. All proceeds will be channelled to the Justice For Sisters fund. You can also contribute more if you wish. If you can't make it to the concert but would like to donate to the fund or help in other ways, please contact Thilaga [ thilaga.sulathireh@gmail.c om ].

~ ~ ~

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Annexe Gallery
2nd Flr, Central Market Annexe (Behind Central Market), Jln Hang Kasturi, KL.

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