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        2016-10-31 13:07:05 文章來源:www.annexegallery.com

        Lift line chemical composition crystalline gray carbonate, by limestone after thousands of years of geological changes into the magnificent pictographic patterns, Italy marble is better than a hundred times. But the elevator door line material is a powder ingredients inside, so when in use, there will be some symptoms like natural marble, which requires us to conservation and protection. The following Xiaobian to introduce the process of a crystal of nursing in the maintenance of elevator door line!
        The elevator door with its unique color, luster and elegant temperament and are widely used in shopping malls, residential and hotel building decoration, but only for professional care in order to maintain the original color to the elevator door, often falling into a new. A lot of elevator door often because of the use of inappropriate products to lift door surface loses luster, and even the elevator door hurt.
        The crystal is not light, care agent wax powder, unlike other products only with light function. It is a long-term care products. It has four functions of light, hard, skid and stain removal, and colorless, tasteless, dry and clean, with only one operation, which is used to wipe, no scratches, light, corrosion, yellowing and other symptoms.
        Lift the door line like crystal nursing imagination so complicated, as long as the above Xiaobian description to do it can do a good job of crystal care! Of course, in the process of construction is also need to pay attention to some of the details, otherwise there may damage the elevator door line, so The loss outweighs the gain!
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