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        2018-05-05 14:51:49 文章來源:www.annexegallery.com


        The surface of the imitation marble elevator is close to the marble, which has the marble texture and the material fluctuation, so it is also called the marble lift sleeve line, using the nano stone powder as the raw material, the appearance texture is made from the water transfer process, and is used for interior decoration. It can be used for the background wall and the door and window device. Take the skirting line, the top line, the door line and the closing line.


        One of the advantages of the imitation marble lift line is that it is light in texture and convenient in the use of time. We can save our time, bring us more benefits, and can play a fire and moisture-proof purpose. In this way, we can lose common use and approval in the construction industry and bring our life. The benefits.


        The two advantage is good firmness, durability and anti-aging function. The advantage is that it can be temporarily used, and its service life has lost an improvement.


        The three advantage is that material sensibility is very good, and the bending strength and impact toughness are relatively strong. These physical properties can make them better lost.


        The four advantage is the appearance of the logo Oh lubrication, color is more beautiful, so that in the decoration time can reach better results, the use of noodles is also more common.


        The five advantage is that the construction is complex, the installation is more complex and saves a lot of trouble. These advantages bring a lot of benefits to our obligations and life.



        The marble like line has high strength, firm texture, firmness, high safety factor, environmental protection, no purge, and no radioactive substance. Its raw materials are mainly used, calcium carbonate and functional auxiliaries. The marble like elevator sleeve line equipment adopts a conical high calcium twin screw extruder, which can add large quantities of filling material and greatly reduce the cost. The main machine adopts electromagnetic heating, low energy consumption and stable operation, and is equipped with forced cooling system to make stone plastic products cool and improve commodity function.

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